Complications and Prognosis of Bell's Palsy

       If the disease Bell's Palsy is not treated immediately, it will gradually raises some complications. The following are the complications caused by Bell's Palsy.

a. Crocodile tear phenomenon
      That tears when the patient eats. These occur several months after the paresis and the consequences of incorrect regeneration of autonomic fibers are supposed to salivary glands, but to get to, lacrimal gland. Locations lesions around the geniculate ganglion.

b. Synkinesis
        In this case, the muscles can not be moved one at a time or separately, always arise with movement. Examples are:
• If the patient is asked to close his eyes, then there will be movement (involuntary) elevation corners of the mouth, contraction platisma, or wrinkled.
• When displayed a tooth (grin), the patient's eyes, on the affected side being closed.
• If the patient moves a part of his face, all the facial muscles on the paralyzed side widened contraction.
       The reason is that one of innervation, regenerating nerve fibers continuous with the muscle fibers are wrong / false.

c. Clonic facial spasm (spasm Hemifacial)

       Arose "twitch" (facial muscles move spontaneously and uncontrolled) on the face in the early stages only about one side of the face alone but then the contractions can be on the other side. When the two sides of the face, it does not occur simultaneously on both sides of the face.
       Fatigue and psychological disorders can aggravate these spasms. This complication occurs when the healing is incomplete, resulting in a few months or 1-2 years later. Except as a complication of bell's palsy, hemifacial spasm it can be caused by compression N.VII, by a tumor or aneurysm in the region cerebelo Pontis angle or curvature cerebelo antero inferior arteries which excessive or the internal auditory artery.

d. Contractures
       It can be seen from the attraction of the muscle, so it folds nasolabialis more clearly visible on the paralyzed side than on the healthy side. Occurs when the return function is very slow. Contractures did not appear at the time of the facial muscles a break, but it becomes clear when the facial muscles moving.

       Between 80-85% of patients will recover completely within 3 months. Paralysis of mild or moderate symptoms during the early going is a good prognostic sign. Denervation of the facial muscles after 2-3 weeks showed that axonal degeneration occurs and thus shows the recovery is longer and not perfect.
      The recovery of the tasting tongue within 14 days after the onset of paralysis is usually associated with the recovery perfectly. If over 14 days, then it indicates a poor prognosis.


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