Cyst of Gartner

1. Definition

Gartner cyst with other names Gartner duct cyst or cysts Gartnerian, is vaginal cystic tumors are benign, coming from the rest of Gartner duct (duct epoophoron longitudinal) or the embryonic mesonephros and Wolffian duct system. These cysts arising from the terminal duct Wolffian that
develops as a result of the blockage of the duct secretions produced.

Gartner duct cysts and a thin-walled translucent consisting of epithelial stratified squamous or columnar epithelium or may be both. These tumors usually found in the vaginal wall and rarely occurs in the area of ​​the labia minora clitoris or the hymen.

Steaocystoma Multiplex


Sebocystomatosis, Steatocystoma Multiplex Pringler


Steatocystoma multiplex is a typical disease, characterized by the presence of multiple cysts dermis, which contains sebum, and limited by the epithelium containing sebaceous follicles. Autosomal dominant inherited.


It usually begins at puberty or young adulthood. Men more often affected than women.


Formerly considered a keratin or sebaceous cysts inclusion. Now steatocystoma considered a hamartoma and variant of the cyst or dermoid cyst vellus hair.

Clinical manifestations

Lesions can arise at birth or shortly afterwards. Cystic nodules appear clinically asymptomatic with soft consistency up hard, attached to the overlying skin, yellowish with surface smooth and when the lesion is punctured will discharge oily yellow like cheese. Its size varies, from a few mm to 3 cm, but rarely more than 1.5 cm. In general, the lesion is located in the sternum area, axillary arm, and scrotal area.


In microscopic, cyst appear as layer of squamous epithelium without  granular layer. Cyst usually folded. Characteristics that appear as non cell layer thick form, eosinophilic, homogeneous, epithelial lining lumen side. Cyst wall often consists of adnexal structures primarily glandular sebaceous or abortive hair follicles. Cyst space can contain lanugo hair.

Differential diagnosis 

Dermoid cysts, epidermoid cyst multiple, Neurofirbomatosis, sebaceous adenoma, Lipoma.


The best treatment is by excision. But because there are many, such methods sometimes can not be implemented. As an alternative incision and the contents of the cyst expression, but it is often cause recurrence after a few months
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