Cyst of Gartner

1. Definition

Gartner cyst with other names Gartner duct cyst or cysts Gartnerian, is vaginal cystic tumors are benign, coming from the rest of Gartner duct (duct epoophoron longitudinal) or the embryonic mesonephros and Wolffian duct system. These cysts arising from the terminal duct Wolffian that
develops as a result of the blockage of the duct secretions produced.

Gartner duct cysts and a thin-walled translucent consisting of epithelial stratified squamous or columnar epithelium or may be both. These tumors usually found in the vaginal wall and rarely occurs in the area of ​​the labia minora clitoris or the hymen.

2. Clinical Manifestations

Clinically Gartner duct cysts are usually asymptomatic with a diameter of no more than 2 cm, but never reported the existence of giant Gartner duct cyst in the vaginal wall measuring 16 x 15 x 8 cm with clinical symptoms of dyspareunia.

3. Diagnosis

Gartner duct cyst diagnosis is based on physical examination and histopathology. Cysts haracteristic sign is located on the lateral part of the vulva and usually solitary and thin-walled containing clear fluid, microscopic obtained cuboidal epithelium.

Differential diagnosis to consider is the mesothelial cysts (hydrocele = Cyst of the Canal of Nuck). Cyst of the Canal of Nuck cyst of the vulva is rare, these cysts arise from dilatation of the labia majora and labia minora as well as by the widespread peritoneal sac of an inguinal canal into the vulva, peritoneal fluid can accumulate in the peritoneal sac.

Ultrasound examination can help diagnosis Gartner cyst, because it gives a picture characterized by nodular period demarcated and thin-walled echo intensity is not ekhoik. Rasines LG and colleagues (1998) in his study in Spain get 2 cases cysts Garfner performed with transrectal sonography examinations, the examination results were confirmed by surgery and histopathology.

4. Treatment

Gartner cyst treatment with extirpation.

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