Clinical Manifestatations of Extrapyramidal Syndrome

        The term extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) refers to a group or reactions caused by the use of short-or long-term antipsychotic medication. This term may be made because many of the clinical manifestations skeletal muscle movements, spasms or rigidity, but the symptoms were out of control by corticospinal tract (pyramidal). However, the name is somewhat misleading because some of the symptoms (eg, acathisia) is not at all possible motor problems. Some extrapyramidal symptoms can be found simultaneously in one patient and overlap one another.

Pathophysiology of Extrapyramidal Syndrome

Pyramidal arrangement 
All the motor neuron impulses are channeled directly to the lower motor neuron ( LMN ) or , through its interneurons belonging to the group of upper motor neuron ( UMN ) . These neurons are residents presentralis gyrus . Therefore , it is called the motor cortex gyrus . They are in the fifth layer and each has a relationship with a particular muscle movement . The axons through contacting motoneuron motor cortex neurons that form the motor nucleus of cranial nerve and motoneuron in anterius medulaspinalis horn .
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