Medical Treatment and Therapy for Epilepsy

       Goal of epilepsy treatment is to achieve optimal quality of life for patients. Principle that pharmacological treatment of epilepsy:
1. AED (anti-epileptic drug) was started when the diagnosis of epilepsy is confirmed, there are at least two times a seizure in a year, the patient and family understand the purposes of treatment and possible side effects.

How to make Diagnosis of Epilepsy

       To be able to diagnose a person with epilepsy can be done through anamnesis and clinical examination with EEG and radiological examination. However, if by chance saw the attack in progress, then epilepsy (clinical) can already be enforced.

Clinical Manifestations of Epilepsy

      Based on the type of seizure, there are several kinds of clinical manifestations of epilepsy. Here are the clinical symptoms and signs of epilepsy.

Classification of Epilepsy

Classification of epilepsy
Epilepsy can be divided into three main sections include:
1. Grand Mal epilepsy
Grand mal epilepsy is characterized by the onset of excessive loose electrical charge of neurons throughout the brain areas in the cortex, in the inside of the cerebrum, and even in the brain stem and thalamus. Grand mal seizure lasts for 3 or 4 minutes.

Pathophysiology of Epilepsy

         Etiopathologically, epileptic seizure can be caused by head injury, stroke, brain tumors, brain infections, poisoning, or even the growth of abnormal nerve tissue (neurodevelopmental problems), the influence of the genetic mutations that cause. Genetic mutations and cell damage in the physical injury or stroke or tumor will lead to changes in the function and structure of the regulatory mechanisms that lead to impaired neuronal growth-and plasticity at synapses. Change (focus) is what can lead to generation of electricity in the brain. 


        Epilepsy is a medical disorder and social or group, with characteristics unique. Epilepsy is usually defined as the tendency for seizures repeated. The word "epilepsy" comes from the Latin and Greek which means attack or disease arising suddenly. Epilepsy is a disorder which can occur in all species of mammals,, epilepsy is also very uneven around the world. Regardless of race, geography or social class, it can be occurs in both sexes, at all ages, especially in mass childhood, teenagers, and progressively increased when the elderly.

Medical Treatment and Therapy of Tetanus

Three things to do in medical treatment and therapy of tetanus, there are:
1. Provide supportive care until tetanospasmin which binding with tissue, has been metabolized
2. Neutralize toxins in the circulatory system
3. Eliminating sources of tetanospasmin.
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