Multiple Sclerosis

CT Scan Multiple Sclerosis
 A. Definition of Multiple Sclerosis
     What is Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis is an inflammation that occurs in the brain and spinal cord that attacks the white matter area and is a major cause of disability in young adults. Can be caused by many factors, especially the autoimmune process.

Medical Treatment and Therapy of Hutington's Disease

        Treatment and therapy of Hutington's disease can be classified into two: medically and non - medically. Some sources also suggest that gene therapy may also be an option in dealing with Huntington's disease. According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, published in June 2009, explaining that a researcher has mengultur a cell that shows the formation of a gene RCAN known as RCAN-1L, these genes dramatically decreased in the brains of Huntington's disease. RCAN-1L was first discovered in the laboratory of the journal writer. Investigation of the study also showed an increase in the level of RCAN- 1L which later can save cells from the toxic effects of Huntington's disease, possibly sometime this gene may be one of the new therapies in dealing with Huntington's disease.

Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Huntington's Disease

          Diagnosis of Huntington's Disease is based on history, physical examination and investigation. From the history and physical examination found a family history of suffering from the same thing, usually occurs at the age of degenerative and psychiatric disorders and there is progressive cognitive decline. Found chorea movements are spontaneous movements that occur suddenly and redundant with the time and place of occurrence is erratic predilection.

Clinical Manifestations of Huntington's Disease

         Clinical Manifestations of Huntington's Disease is characterized by impaired motor functions such as chorea movements, psychiatric symptoms, and dementia. Psychiatric disorder symptoms can appear as early symptoms before going to a real deterioration of cognitive function. Almost half of the patients with Huntington, experienced personality changes that disturb the people around him.

Pathophysiology of Huntington's Disease

Pathophysiology Huntington's Disease
Pathophysiology Huntington's Disease
        Before giving treatment and therapy for Huntington's Disease, must to know about Pathophysiology of Huntington's Disease. Humans can move due to the stimulus of the sensory nervous system to the motor nerve system that the process has been set in the body.

Huntington's Disease

George Huntington Disease medical health treatment therapy
George Huntington
           Huntington's disease is a hereditary disease which rare, with a medical condition which is characterized by the progressive degeneration of certain nerve cells in the brain , and is the result of a genetic defect that is carried on chromosome 4. Named after an American doctor " George Huntington " who first wrote this disease in 1872 .
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