Medical Treatment and Therapy for Syringomyelia

A. Pharmacological ( Non Surgical ) / Symptomatic 
There is no specific treatment and therapy for syringomyelia. But it can be treated with medication analgesics and muscle relaxan :

1. Analgesics
Neuropathic pain medication should be given multifactor working on various components of pain , including damage to neuronal activity (anticonvulsants and local anesthetics), potential improvements, lane barriers (antidepressants) or its center including the development and conduction nosiseptic response (analgesic).

Diagnosis of Syringomyelia

       The diagnosis of syringomyelia based on a specific syndrome (clinical symptoms) and laboratory , and definitely diagnosis using MRI

1. Specific Syndrome
       Syringomyelia is a symptom complex of certain clinical signs due to the syrinx and gliosis in the spinal cord, the clinical diagnosis is based on: the location and size of the syrinx, the expansion of the syrinx, and the underlying cause, also a slowly progressive process that takes place .
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