Epilepsy is a medical disorder and social or group, with characteristics unique. Epilepsy is usually defined as the tendency for seizures repeated. The word "epilepsy" comes from the Latin and Greek which means attack or disease arising suddenly. Epilepsy is a disorder which can occur in all species of mammals,, epilepsy is also very uneven around the world. Regardless of race, geography or social class, it can be occurs in both sexes, at all ages, especially in mass childhood, teenagers, and progressively increased when the elderly.

        Epilepsy is a condition characterized by chronic disorders epileptic seizure recurrence. Epileptic seizure is the clinical manifestation off the excess electrical charge and hypersyncronize of neuronal cells in the brain. Epilepsy is a paroxysmal recurrent seizures twice or more without obvious cause attacks with intervals of more than 24 hours, due to off excessive electrical charges in the brain neurons.

       Epilepsy is a condition in which seizures occur repeatedly. Seizure disorder is defined as the abnormal electrical discharge in the nerve cells that cause disruption tampered while in motor function, sensory and mental.

       There are many types of seizures, depending on the main part of the brain involved. Terms epilepsy seizures are not seen from the type or cause of the seizures, only indicate the presence of seizures that occur again and again.

      What are causes of Epilepsy? Based on the cause of epilepsy is divided into two types: primary epilepsy and secondary epilepsy. The primary cause of epilepsy is not known for certain. 

a. Primary Epilepsy is also known as idiopathic epilepsy. Some things associated with primary epilepsy are:
• An episode of abnormal electrical activity in the brain that cause seizures
• There are some areas of the brain that are affected by abnormal electrical activity that causes some types of seizures
• If all the brain areas affected by abnormal electrical activity of the whole seizure may occur. This means that consciousness may be lost or diminished. Frequent all hands and feet will be stiffer then jerking rhythmically.
• The types of seizures may develop into other types of seizures. For example, seizures may have come partially covers the face or hands. Muscle activity would then spread throughout the body. At this time, seizures will be thorough.
• Seizures caused by high fever in children may not be considered as epilepsy.

b. Secondary epilepsy is seizures that cause was known. Secondary Epilepsy is also called symptomatic epilepsy. There are several common causes were found in secondary epilepsy are:
• Tumor
• metabolic imbalances such as hypoglycemia
• Head Trauma
• The use of drugs
• Alcoholism
• Stroke including bleeding
• Trauma delivery
Risk factors
Risk factors for epilepsy include:
• Babies born preterm.
• Infants who experienced seizures in the first month after birth.
• Babies are born with abnormal brain structure.
• Bleeding in the brain.
• abnormal blood vessels in the brain
• severe brain trauma or lack of oxygen the brain
• Brain tumors
• Infection of the brain, meningitis or encephalitis abscess
• Cerebral palsy.

Factors that can trigger the onset of a seizure, namely:
• Forget taking medication
• Lack of sleep
• Pain (with or without fever)
• Stress huge psychological
• Drinking alcohol
• The use of cocaine or ecstasy
• Lack of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals
• The menstrual cycle
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