Etiology of Vertigo

Etiology of Vertigo medical treatment and therapy
        Vertigo is a symptom, a series of causes including accidents, stress, inner ear disorders, drugs, too little or too much blood flow to the brain and others. Body position and control the sense of balance, through the organ of balance located in the inner ear. This organ has a nerve related to specific areas of the brain. Vertigo can be caused by abnormalities in the ear, in the nerve that connects the ear to the brain and within the brain itself. Balance is controlled by a Cerebellum that receive information about the position of the body of the organ of balance in the middle ear and the eye.

What are causes vertigo? 

Common Causes of Vertigo:
1. The environment: carsick, seasick (motion sickness).
2. Medicine: alcohol, gentamicin.
3. Ear abnormalities: calcium deposits in one of the semicircular canals in the inner ear that causes benign paroxysmal positional.
4. vertigo, inner ear infection because of bacteria, labyrinthitis, meniere's disease,
5. vestibular nerve inflammation, herpes zoster.
6. Neurological Disorders: Brain tumors, tumors that suppress vestibular nerve, multiple sclerosis, and a skull fracture with injury maze, innervation or both.
7. Circulare disorders: Impaired brain function caused by a temporary decrease in blood flow to one part of the brain (transient ischemic attack) in the vertebral artery and the basilar artery.
8. Eye view disorder
- Nystagmus
- Refraction disorder (myopi, hypermetropi, presbiopi, etc)

Causes of vertigo and location of the lesion:
- Benign positional vertigo paroksisimal
- Post-traumatic
- meniere's disease
- labyrinthitis (viral, bacterial)
- Toxic (eg by aminoglycoside, streptomycin, gentamicin)
- Occlusion of blood circulation in the labyrinth
- Fistula into the labyrinth
- Ischemic neuritis (eg DM)
- Infection, inflammation (eg syphilis, herpes zoster)
- Vestibular neuritis
- Acoustic neuroma
- Other tumor-angle serebelo Pontin
- Otitis media
- Tumor
a. Supratentorial
- Trauma
- Epilepsy
b. infratentorial
- Insufficient vertebrobasiler

Medicines causes Vertigo
       Some drugs can cause vertigo ototoxic accompanied by tinnitus and hearing loss. These  medications include aminoglycoside, diuretics loop, Antiinflammatory drugs, quinine or antineoplastic derivatives, which contain platinum. Streptomycin which is more vestibulo-toxic, as well as gentamicin, while kanamycin, amikacin and netilmycin is more ototoxic. Other antimicrobial associated with vestibular symptoms include: sulfonamides, Nalidixic acid, metronidazole and minocycline. Therapy in the form of withdrawal of the drug concerned and physical therapy, vestibular suppressant drug use is not recommended because it inhibits the recovery of vestibular function.. alpha adrenergic blockers, vasodilators and antiparkinson can cause a sense of drift complaints that can be confused with vertigo

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