Diagnosis of Cluster Headache

Cluster Headache Diagnosis       Cluster headache diagnosis using the criteria by the International Headache Society ( IHS ) is as follows :
a. At least 5 attacks with such criteria under
b . Severe or very severe unilateral orbital, supraorbital and or temporal pain for 15-180 minutes if untreated .

c . Headache accompanied by one of the following criteria :
        1. Ipsilateral conjunctival injection and lacrimation or
        2. Ipsilateral nasal congestion, and or rhinorrhea
        3. Ipsilateral eyelid edema
        4. Ipsilateral Sweating on the forehead and fac
        5. ipsilateral Miosis and or ptosis

        6. Awareness of anxiety or agitation
d . Attacks have a frequency of 1 time up to 8 times a day
e . Not associated with other abnormalities .
      In 2004 the American Headache Society published new criteria for diagnosing cluster headache. To meet the diagnostic criteria, patients must undergo at least at least five headache attacks occur every day for eight days, which is not caused by other disorders. In addition, severe headache that occurs at or very severe unilateral orbital, supraorbital or temporal, and pain occurred between 18 to 150 minutes if untreated, and accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms: ipsilateral conjunctival injection or lacrimation, nasal congestion or ipsilateral rhinorrhea, ipsilateral eyelid edema, forehead and facial sweating ipsilateral, ipsilateral ptosis or miosis, or awareness of anxiety or agitation  Episodic cluster headache is defined as at least there are two cluster periods lasting seven to 365 days and pain -free remission periods separated for a month or more. While chronic cluster headache attacks relapse is more than one year without remission periods or with remission periods lasting less than one month .


  1. wew... so many medical terms.
    dan..ternyata headache itu macam-macam juga jenisnya ya.
    Nice blog.

  2. klo sakit kepalam di bagian belakang namanya apa ya dokter?

  3. @Nove: terima kasih telah berkunjung dan memberikan komentar. Memang benar bahwa nyeri kepala atau Headache ada bermacam jenisnya. karena ada beberapa macam penyebabnya dan gejalanya.

    @Kiki: Kalau sakit kepala bagian belakang, ada beberapa jenis sakit kepala yang mempunyai gejala yang nyeri bagian belakang, misal Tension Headache (Nyeri kepala tegang otot), yaitu nyeri kepala yang disertai leher bagian belakang yang terasa kaku. Atau bisa juga Migren, bisa juga ada massa misal tumor, tetapi ini biasanya disertai gejala lain. terima kasih telah berkunjung.

  4. wah untuk satu kepala jenisnya macam macam ya pak, mantap sekali


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