Clinical Manifestations of Tension Headache

        The symptoms that can occur in tension headache are: a headache that felt like a heavy head, stiff as tied rope wrapped around head, and pressed tight. Sometimes with throbbing headache. If prolonged, on palpation can be found swollen, hard and tenderness area. Can also be accompanied by symptoms are: nausea, vomiting, vertigo, fatigue, difficulty to sleep, nightmares, frequent waking early in the morning and fall asleep, hyperventilation, abdominal bloating, sadly, the loss of the will to learn or work, anorexia and other depressive complaints. Pain can also be felt as a tense feeling the pinch in the head and pain located in the area occipitocervicale.

       Acute form of the disease, associated with a state of stress, anxiety or fatigue and temporary which usually until one or two days .

        Chronic Type is usually bilateral headache, difficulty subsided  can take place day and night, and achieve for months or  many years, pressured, not pulsating and often associated with feelings of anxiety, depression and distress.

       Other symptoms of headache is a weak concentration, feeling tired and irritable. The quality of headache is drawn as a dull pain and settled. Often not described as pain but as a sense of weight or feeling depressed or too strict sense. In 25 % of patients with onset of pain may later turn out to be dull heaviness and sometimes there are quality pulsed. This dull headache that can come from a building located in the skin. In some circumstances, the pain can be felt is localized in one place, for example: people with the habit of frowning can feel the pain in the area of ​​bitemporal, and people with habits straight neck pain in the occipital.

        Manifestations of headache pain intensity at this as "as if the head would burst, which shows the characteristics of histrionic". While the duration of continuous headache may persist for weeks or months.

      Patients may report pain never recovered from his head. But during a long journey that the intensity of the pain can shrink and expand from hour to hour. Frequency of pain will be reported every day, constantly and is never free of headache, temporal pattern called undulation pattern (wavy), where the pain persists continuously, periodicity is not clear, and no paroxysmal onset.
In addition, there are other symptoms on this muscle tension headache are:
- Photophobia light but constant , encouraging people wearing sunglasses despite the overcast day.
- GI symptoms: nausea in the morning vomiting (rare) , excessive belching and flatus issued.
- Hyperventilitation, impaired concentration, lack of interest in work and hobbies, these symptoms can be interpreted as an anxiety syndrome .
- The pain in the left chest, in the back and coccigeus region. The pain concurrent GI symptoms and other psychosomatic symptoms can be interpreted as a depressive syndrom. Many patients who experience muscle tension headache although no severe emotional stress. At the headache that has lasted a long, trigger factors can also act as factors that aggravate that will add to the intensity of the pain. Movements in certain majors may aggravate the pain.

       In tension headaches are usually not found organic abnormalities, anemia, and systemic blood pressure was slightly high or low is irrelevant for tension headache, which is a prominent element of phobias include headaches when they saw the crowds, headaches that are placed high or if the headache ride the elevator , the type of phobia that is projected in the complaint is agorafia  phobia against vast and crowded places), akrophobia (phobia against steepness), clustrophobia (phobia towards small space). Tension headache is characterized by elements hystericus is clavus hystericus include headaches centered calvarium. Such headaches are almost always accompanied by symptoms of globus hystericus is feeling as if strangled throat or esophagus clogged.

        Tension headache can be an activity that can cause the head to be at one position for long periods without moving, causing headaches , these activities include typing or use of computers, fine work with the hands and use of a microscope .

      Sleeping in a cold room or sleeping with the neck position is wrong, can trigger this type of headache

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