Clinical Manifestations of Migraine

Clinical manifestations of Migraine
Migraine without aura
The attack began with a throbbing headache on one side with a duration of 4-72 hours. headache worsens with physical activity and followed by nausea and, photophobia or phonophobia.
Migraine with aura
Approximately 10-30 minutes before the headache starts (a period called aura), symptoms of depression, irritability, restlessness, nausea or loss of appetite appear in about 20 % of patients. Other patients experience a loss of sight in a particular area (blind spot or scotoma) or see the light flickering. There are also patients who experience a change in vision, such as an object seem smaller or larger than actual . Some people feel a tingling or weakness in the arms and legs. Usually these symptoms disappear shortly before the headache starts, but sometimes arise with the appearance of headache. Migraine pain can be felt on one side of the head or around the head. Sometimes the hands and feet felt cold and becomes bluish. In patients who have an aura, headache patterns and the location of each attack on migrants is the same. Migraine can often occur during long time but then disappeared for a few weeks, months or even years.

Migraine with aura can be divided into four phases, namely :
a. Phase I prodromal
As many as 50 % of patients experienced prodromal phase is growing slowly for 24 hours before the attack. Symptoms: lightheadedness, uncomfortable, even worsened when eating certain foods such as sweets, chewing too strong, hard / lazy to talk.

b. Phase II Aura.
Lasted approximately 30 minutes, and can provide an opportunity for patients to determine which drugs are used to prevent the attacks. Symptoms of this period is the impaired vision (glare / photophobia), tingling, itchy feeling on the face and hands, a little weak on the extremities and dizziness.

c. Phase III headaches
Phase severe throbbing headache and incapacitated associated with photophobia, nausea and vomiting. The duration of this state is varied, a few hours in a day or a few days.

d. Phase IV recovery
Period of contraction of neck and scalp muscles associated with local muscle pain and tension. Fatigue usually occurs, and the patient can sleep for a long time.

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  1. sakit migrain menyerang langkah awal penanganan adalah dengan menyruh si sakit diam dulu

  2. sakit kepala memang kadang sangat mengganggu aktifitas kita dlm bekerja, mungkin dengan refresing bisa memfreskan lgi pikiran dikepala kita :)


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