Trichilemmal Cyst

Synonyms: Kista pilaris, sebaceous cysts.

Definition: trichilemmal cyst is a cyst containing keratin, composed by an epithelium that resembles the outer root sheath of hair, can be derived autosomal dominant

Epidemiology: Usually appears in middle age. Women are more often affected than men.

Etiology: Wall cysts originating from outside the hair root sheath that surrounds the bottom of the hair follicle.

Manifesasi Clinic: basanya occurs on the scalp. Clinically difficult to distinguish from epidermal cysts, but these cysts dienukleasi easier and more keratinosa contents and not so fatty and less smelly than the content of epidermal cysts.

Histopathology: Looks restricted cyst wall several layers of cuboidal shaped epidermal cells are arranged palisade without granular layer and intercellular bridges. Epithelial cells bordering the cyst contents swell and contains pale cytoplasm. Cyst contents in the form of a homogeneous eosinophilic material.

Diagnosis: epidermal cysts, Cylindroma, Lipoma.

Treatment: Treatment for cysts trichilemmal is the same as epidermal cysts.

Prognosis: Good, rarely undergo malignant transformation.

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