Definition: Milium a keratin cyst subepidermal small, especially occur on the face, especially periorbital. Originating from the epidermis or adnexal, may occur secaa primary or secondary.

Epidemiology: Often found in the parent, but may occur in infants newborn. More common in women than men.

Etiology: The cause of primary milia ridak known, is likely to come from pilosebaseus follicles. While the secondary milia common of retention cysts after various dermatoses, ascribed to the hair follicles, glands sweat, sebaceous glands or the epidermis.

Histopathology: microscopic description similar to the epidermal cyst, only different in size. On a serial pieces, with primary milium Velus appear to be associated with a hair follicle, while milium
Secondary appear to be associated with formation of epithelial stem.

Differential diagnosis: Pustular Acne, Molluskum contagiosum, Hyperplasia sebassa.

Treatment: Incision and contents milium expression. Prognosis: Milia are purely benign lesions and just cause cosmetic problems.

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