Xanthelasma treatment therapy
This form is most commonly found among xanthomas, found on the eyelids, the typical papules / plaques elongated soft yellow-orange, usually on the inner canthus. Typical too, long lesions 2-3 c and usually symmetrical, leaning settled, continued, multiple and unified. Xantalasma often accompanied by other types of xanthomas, but generally solitaire.

        The disorder is seen in middle age. Commonly found in women who suffer from liver and biliary diseases. Xanthelasma can also be seen in various hiperpoproteiemia familiar, especially in hypercholesterolemia. Also commonly found in xanthomas planum generalized, obstructive liver disease myxoedema, diabetes fitosterolemia.


      Clinical diagnosis of primary xanthomas very typical. On examination found the macula, papules, plaques or nodules were yellowish and the anamnesis found any family member suffering from the same disease or familiar.

       Besides the clinical signs and symptoms are typical, for the treatment necessary laboratory tests such as total cholesterol checks, trigliserioda "HDL and LDL cholesterol and total lipids to establish the diagnosis Based Frederickson and Patker division.


      Successful treatment on xanthelasma only surgery. Treatment also managed to fulguration, cautery with trichloroacetic acid, CO2 lasers and other means. All this treatment do not guarantee that there will be the emergence of new lesions. On the other xanthomas turtles treat symptomatically, if xantoma is too big and intrusive surgery can be performed extirpation. But drugs and food are also done, to keep xanthelasma not to progress to be more severe level or fatal. The ideal therapy is genetic therapies. Food and drug therapies tailored to hiperlipoproteinemia, classification proposed by Frederickson and Parker are:
      In type I Frederickson, give low-fat foods and drugs nikotinar acid. Type 2a and 2b and type 3, food provided should be low calorie, low carb, low alcohol, low cholesterol, and low saturated fat. Drugs given such as khlestiramin, colestipol, klofibrat, Gemfibrozil. In type 4 and 5 are given low-calorie foods, low carb, low fat and low  alcohol. Drugs given Gemfibrozil and klofibrat. for mixed type,  recommended diet low in cholesterol, saturated fat, low in calories. Drugs mentioned above can be given.

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