Trichoepithelioma Treatment therapy
Trichoepithelioma is a benign follicular tumors pilosebaseus apparatus may take the form of solitary or multiple. This tumor was first proposed by Brooke in 1892 under the name Epithelioma cysticum adenoids. Multiple Trichoepithelioma usually autosomal dominant inherited. While usually non-hereditary solitary form. These lesions begin to appear in childhood and will settle and multiply as adults. Generally found more than in women than in men.
Sites of predilection are the most common on the face, especially nasolabia folds, eyelids and upper lip. Moreover, it can also on the scalp neck and upper body. This tumor size between 2 mm-3 cm, lesions can form papules, nodules which multipet surface is smooth, shiny skin color as normal with solid consistency. Symmetrical distribution and for larger lesions can be yellowish or pink. Meanwhile, when a solitary lesion was clinically similar to non-ulcerated basal cell carcinoma, or should be suspected as basal cell carcinoma when lesions ulcerated or grow steadily.

      Synonyms of Trichoepithelioma is epithelioma adenoids cysticum, trichoepithelioma papulatum multiplex, multiple begina sistikum epithelioma, sebaceous adenoma of Balzer.Tumor is thought to originate from basal cells differentiated towards pluripotential hair structure so named Trichoepithelioma. The disease is inherited in an autosomal dominant approximately 50-66% of cases have a family history of diseases such as this. Usually occurs in childhood or puberty, increases with age, and is more often found in women. As the differential diagnosis is trichoepithelioma sebaceous adenoma, silindroma and Syringoma some of them like milia. These tumors, although asymptomatic, but cosmetically very disturbing appearance of the patient.

       On histopathologic examination, there are islands with a solid epithelial and stromal peripheral palisade finrosa mature, which is demarcated, keratin cysts and islands of basaloid the middle rough keratinized keratin cyst surrounded by a solid epithelial nests and dangling like lace. Structure epithelium is hair follicles are abortive, trichoepithelioma Treatment aims to functional and cosmetic repairs. Way that can be used include surgical excision, dermabrasion, electrodesiccation, electrofulguration and surgical frozen with liquid nitrogen. as well as the CO2 laser.

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