Therapy for Condyloma Acuminata

1. Chemotherapy

a. Podophyllin

25% podophyllin tincture. The surrounding skin is protected with petroleum jelly or paste, to avoid irritation, after 4-6 hours and then washed. If there is no cure, it can be repeated after 3 days. Every administrated, do not exceed 0.3 cc because it will be absorbed and toxic. Symptoms of toxicity are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, respiratory irritation, and skin with cold sweat. Can also occur bone marrow suppression with thrombocytopenia and leukopenia. In pregnant women should not be given because of fetal death can occur. Also, please do not used for the treatment of lesions in the vagina and cervix because this drug can be absorbed so that the toxic and may cause carcinoma.

Podophyllotoxin 0.5%. This material is an active substance contained in podophyllin. After the use of podofilox, in a few days there will be destruction of the railway network. Irritation at the use of podofilox reaction is less common than with podophyllin and systemic reactions have not been reported. This medicine can be applied solely by the patient twice a day for three consecutive days.
How to treatment with podophyllin is often used. The result is either new lesions, but less satisfactory in long lesions or flat shaped.

b. trichloroacetic acid

Used solution with a concentration of 50%, applied every week. The gift must be careful because it can cause deep ulcers. Can be administered to pregnant women.

c. 5-fluorouracil

The concentration is between 1-5% in creams, used especially in lesions in the urethral meatus. Administrated every day until the lesions disappear. The patient should not micti for 2 hours after treatment.

2.  Surgery

a. electrocauterization

In Past, Dermatologists generally uses high-frequency electrical cutter or cutting iron to burn the mole or other skin neoplasms. This is due to the simple and fast. High-frequency electrical cutter directly throwing and drying, these treatments tend to be more secure, but with electrocautery wound healing slower. In conclusion, treatment with electrocautery can be used for a variety of condyloma, but it can burn too much and can be a bit dangerous. And must also pay attention to aseptic operation, prevention of infection. Treatment is effective but requires a local anesthetic. Used on the type of condyloma were resistant to topical treatment, the shortage leaves scarring.

b. Frozen Surgery (N2, N2O liquid)

Frozen Surgery is a common treatment method of dermatologists, based nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide, dry ice frozen skin destroyer, destroyer of skin to local edema, aims to achieve the goal of treatment. Genital wart virus causing benign prostatic hyperplasia of the skin and mucous membranes. It has an obscure little blood vessels in large quantities, proliferate rapidly. The method can be used for condyloma acuminatum frozen ice, forming a high degree of local edema. Most great advantage of this surgery is the only frozen locally without leaving scars, treatment success rate of approximately 70%. Available in spray or direct contact method, can be applied to small form. Can be used in 1 week 2-3 times. Surgery is frozen much help for the treatment of condyloma acuminatum in women pregnant with many lesions and wet.

c. surgical scalpel

Surgical treatment of condyloma acuminatum in basically not a recommended surgery, because treatment with surgery, condyloma acuminatum is very easy to relapse, so treatment to fail. But the larger forms may be considered for surgery. Some patients had condyloma growing so fast, and other treatment is very difficult, it can be considered for surgery. In order to prevent recurrence, treatment can be done the other.

3. Carbon Dioxide Laser

Commonly used in the treatment of skin and sexually transmitted diseases. Treatment is relatively fast and condyloma can be lost. Laser treatment can only be applied to the small size condyloma which if used in condyloma with large size easy to relapse.

4. Interferon

Although interferon has shown promising results for verucciformis and anogenital HPV infection, the effectiveness of this material in the treatment of genital warts is still questionable. Parenteral and intra-lesional therapy against genital warts with natural and recombinant interferon preparations have produced response rates ranging from 70-80% in some reports initial report. It has been demonstrated that the combination of IFN with other ablative surgical procedure resulted in a relapse rate (relapse rate) and lower. The side effects of systemic interferon treatment include flu-like illness and transient neutropenia. Can be given in the form of an injection (im or intralesional) and topical (cream). Interferon alpha is given at a dose of 4-6 3 times a week for 6 weeks or at a dose

5. Immunotherapy

In patients with extensive lesions and resistant to treatment may be administered together with immunostimulatory treatment.

6. Diet

There is no restriction, but it should consume a balanced nutrition A diet program to ensure patients receive optimal immune system.
A diet program
1. B-complex vitamins, essential for cell multiplication
2. Vitamin C, antiviral
3. L-cysteine​​, sulfur supply, as preventasi and treatment of warts
4. Vitamin A, normal skin and epithelial membrane
5. Vitamin E, improves blood flow and helps repair network
6. Zinc, improving the body's immunity against the virus


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