Treatment and Tips for Ischialgia

Treatment for Ischialgia
namely :
1 . Drugs : analgesics, NSAIDs , muscle relaxan , medicine neurological recovery .
2 . Physical therapy Medical Rehabilitation Program
3 . Operation Discectomy : performed in the case of severe / very disturbing activities with drugs and Medical Rehabilitation program which can not help.

Tips for patient with Ischialgia
1 . Avoid much crouching.
2 . Avoid frequent lifting heavy items.
3 . Soon break if have pain when standing or walking.
4 . As long sitting , legs crossed cultivated alternately right and left, or use a small seat for both legs rested .
5 . Currently sweeping or mopping floors use a broom handle or mop long, so when sweeping or mopping the back does not bend.
6 . If you want to take things on the floor, keep your back straight, but bend your knees to reach the item .
7 . Perform Back Exercise regularly, to strengthen the back muscles so as to refute the spine properly and optimally.


  1. ini sama dengan encok, Cak Arif. Encok lebih identik dengan HNP. HNP adalah nyeri pinggang belakang, yang posisinya lebih atas dari Ischialgia. Ischialgia juga termasuk salah satu HNP

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