Medical Treatment and Therapy for Cervical Root Syndrome

           Analgesics or muscle relaxants can be given in the acute phase. These drugs are usually given for 7-10 days. Types of drugs that are widely used are usually of salicylate or NSAID group. If things felt pain so severe, it is sometimes necessary also narcotic analgesics such as codeine, meperidine, morphine and even can also be given.
Anxiolytic be given to those who are experiencing mental tension. In certain conditions such as pain caused by the pull, light exercise given action early can accelerate the repair process. Head should be placed in such a way that the cervical pillow slightly flexed position so that patients feel comfortable and do not cause movement laterally. Breaks required in the acute phase of pain, especially in the cervical spondylosis or group of non-specific pain.
The drugs that are widely used are:
• Ibuprofen 400 mg, every 4-6 hours (PO)
• naproxen 200-500 mg, every 12 hours (PO)
• Fenoprofen 200 mg, every 4-6 hours (PO)
• indometacin 25-50 mg, every 8 hours (PO)
• Codeine 30-60 mg, every hour (PO / parenteral)
• Vit. B1, B6, B12

        The main objective is the management and resolution of pain reduction, improvement or resolution of neurological deficits and prevent complications or further involvement of the spinal cord.
1. Traction
       This action is performed if the break does not decrease pain or in patients with severe symptoms and reflects the compression of the nerve roots. Traction can be performed continuously or intermittent.

2. Cervical Collar
        Use of cervical collar immobilization is intended to process and reduce the compression on the nerve roots, although there has been one type of collar that actually prevent mobilization of the neck. One type of collar that is widely used is the SOMI Brace (Sternal Occipital Mandibular Immobilizer).
         Collar is used for 1 week continuously day and night and converted on the second week of intermittent or when driving a vehicle. It must be remembered that the purpose of immobilization is temporary and should be avoided as a result some of them in the form of muscle atrophy and contractures. A period of 1-2 weeks is usually enough to cope with the pain of non-specific cervical pain. If accompanied by nerve root irritation, sometimes it can take 2-3 months. Loss of pain, loss and improvement Spurling sign can be used as an indication of motor deficits release collar.

3. Thermotherapy
       Thermotherapy can also be used to help relieve the pain. This treatment modality can be used before or at the time of cervical traction for muscle relaxation. Cold compresses can be given as much as 1-4 times a day for 15-30 minutes, or heat / warm up for 30 minutes 2-3 times a day when the cold pack is not achieved satisfactory results. The choice between hot or cold modalities is pragmatic dependent patients' perception of pain reduction.

4. Exercise
         Various modalities can be given to the handling of neck pain. Exercise can be started at the end of the week I. Towards the anterior neck mobilization exercises, strengthening exercises or a shrugged muscle pain much help the healing process. Avoid extension and flexion movements. Reduction of pain can be caused by muscle spasm can be overcome by doing massage.
        Surgical measures aimed at more condition caused compression of the nerve roots or the spinal cord disease that develops slowly and involve the legs and arms. In the compression control course must be proven with neurological involvement and did not respond to the usual medical therapy.

          Avoid working with the head too down or one position for a long time, grip and position often repeated.

          To achieve the recovery of the patient so that the condition can quickly get back to work is the awareness of the importance of health and good working environment. To prevent neck pain there is some useful advice:
• Good posture in which the body straight, chest lifted, shoulders relaxed, chin in, neck feels strong, loose and relaxed.
• Sleep with a pillow or cushion Urethane.
• Maintain joints flexible and muscles strong with the proper training.
• Prevention of cervical pain replicates that takes into account the current position of sitting, driving a vehicle, and the neck position with regard to a variety of work or daily activities.
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