Cervical Root Syndrome

Cervical Root Syndrome Medical treatment and therapy
Cervical Root Syndrome
        Cervical Root Syndrome is a condition caused by irritation or compression of cervical nerve roots, which is characterized by pain in the neck that spreads to your arm or depending on where the nerve roots are pressed.

        Some conditions on the neck are caused by shifting or clamping of the nerve roots in the intervertebral foramen or disorder may be accompanied by signs and symptoms of CRS. Most conditions in this case due to the degenerative process and herniation of the intervertebral disc.

       Intervertebral disc consists of elastic tissue which called nucleus pulposus,  surrounded by the annulus fibrosus which is formed by tissue fibrosus. Water content in the nucleus pulposus is a lot, but the older the age of a person in the water content decreases pulposus nuleus especially after the age of 40 years, along with the changes of degeneration, the central part of disc, as a result, this disc will be thin, so that the distance between the vertebrae becoming smaller and the adjacent disc space becomes narrower. Further suppression annulus fibrosus and stand out. Prominent part of this disc is the tissue surrounding the vertebrae adjacent corpus will be a change. Changes the formation of new connective tissue known as osteophytes. The combination of disc thinning that causes narrowing of the disc space and the incidence of osteophytes will narrow the spinal canal diameter. In normal conditions the spinal canal diameter is 17 mm to 18 mm. But on the condition of CRS, this canal narrows in diameter generally between 9 mm to 10 mm.

         In normal circumstances, nerve roots will occupy one-fourth to one-fifth, while the rest will be filled by another tissue so that there is no space left. When the intervertebral foramen is narrowed due to osteophytes, the nerve roots that are inside will be depressed. This depressed nerve will initially bent. This change causes the nerve roots attached to the wall of the intervertebral foramen that interfere with blood circulation. Furthermore nerve sensitivity will continue to increase the pressure, which eventually lost the nerve roots of its physiological properties. Emphasis will cause pain in all areas that get innervation of the nerve roots.

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