Treatment and Therapy of Seborrheic Keratosis

A. Drug Therapy

keratolytic agent
Can cause epithelial gore becomes fluffy, soft, maceration then desquamation.
1. Ammonium lactat lotion
Lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acids that have a keratolytic and keratin cells facilitating release . Perfomed 15% and 5% strenght; 12% strenght can cause irritation to the face for making keratin cells do not undergo adhesion.
2. trichloroacetic acid
Burn the skin, keratin and other tissues. May cause local irritation. Seborrheic keratosis treatment with 100% trichloroacetic acid can remove the lesion, but its use must be performed by professionals  skilled hands  .

Therapy can be used topical tazarotene 0.1% cream smear 2 times a day in 16 weeks showed improvement sheboroic keratosis in 7 of 15 patients.

B. Surgical Therapy

1. Cryotherapy
Is frozen surgery using a cryogen may be liquid nitrogen or solid carbon dioxide. The mechanism is freezing the cancer cells, blood vessels and local inflammatory response. In seborrheic keratosis when freezing is too cold, it can lead to scarring or hyperpigmentation, but when freezing is done in the terminal, followed by curettage will give good results in cosmetics.

2. Electric Surgery
Electric Surgery (electrosurgery) is a surgical method or action by means of heat generated electrical current through the high-frequency boiak controlled to produce selective tissue destruction so that scarring is quite aesthetically pleasing and safe both for doctors and patients. Techniques that can be performed in a surgical power are: electrofulguration, electrodesiccation, electrocoagulation, electrosection or electrotomy, electrolysis den electrocautery.

Is one of the electrical surgical technique. electrodesiccation and curettage procedure is done under local anesthesia, initially tumor curetaged, then the edge and base of the lesion is cleaned with electrodesiccation, repeated twice. This procedure is relatively concise, practical, and rapid and fruitful healing. However the disadvantages, this procedure is highly dependent on the operator and often leave scars.

3. CO2 Laser
The laser beam is an electromagnetic wave which has a certain length, does not have the effect of radiation and has a particular affinity for the material / target. Therefore having a target cell and does not have the effect of radiation as well as other light, it can be used for the purpose of cutting tissue, burn tissue at a certain depth, without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. In lieu of conventional surgical knife, cut the tissue as well burn the blood vessels so that practically wound did not bleed when cut.

4. Surgical scalpel
One conservative way but still used until now is a surgical scalpel. Generally because of tumor invasion is often not visible at the edge of the lesion from the surface, this surgery should not exceed that of 3-4 mm from the edge of the lesion in order to be sure that the entire tumor can be removed. The advantage of this procedure is the high cure rate and excellent cosmetic improvement.

5. Dermabrasion
Dermabrasion procedure is done using a motor-driven instrument 24,000 rpm with sandpaper cylinder / wire brush. Using local anesthesia or narcotics. Recovery occurs because thinned dermis with this technique will not thicken back. Once the wound is healed newly formed epithelium covered above raw surface. The success and rapid healing dependent growth of epithelial cells, hair follicles, sweat glands there. This process resembles the healing of skin graft donor site.


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